Grilled Chicken & Brie Panini

Creamy melted Brie, peppery arugula, and the savory warmth of the spicy peach compote perfectly complement the chicken breast in this panini. To save time, use rotisserie chicken breast or off-the-bone chicken breast from the deli counter. If you don’t care for arugula, chopped fresh basil would be a nice alternative.

If you have one, a panini press is the best tool for preparing this recipe. However, a grill pan (or even a large skillet) can also be used. Use a clean heavy cast iron skillet or a spatula to press down on the roll while toasting for the best results. 

Tip: For best results, cut the ciabatta rolls in half prior to assembling. They are much more difficult to cut once assembled and toasted.  


½ c. savory peach compote 
4 ciabatta rolls, cut in half lengthwise
1 c. fresh arugula
1 lb. boneless, skinless chicken breast, cooked and sliced thin
4 oz. Brie, rind removed and sliced
Potato chips, to serve (optional)


1.    Spread the savory peach compote on the cut surface of the ciabatta rolls. 

2.    Top half of the rolls with the arugula, chicken breast, and sliced Brie. Add remaining bread on top to form a sandwich. 

3.    Heat a large grill pan over medium heat and add the sandwiches. Press down on the sandwiches with a spatula or a clean heavy cast-iron skillet for better contact while grilling.


4.    Heat until the bread is toasted, approximately 4-5 minutes, before carefully turning the sandwiches. Repeat on the remaining side until toasted, approximately 3-4 minutes.


5.    Remove from heat and serve immediately along with some potato chips or choice of side dishes. Enjoy! 


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